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Reiki Mentorship

Shoden Training $250 for Three two-hour session

Over 21 days (3 two hour sessions once per week). Shoden is a Japanese word meaning 'first teaching'. This is the beginning of your journey, through weekly empowerments and a final attunement you will be reawakened to the healing frequency of the universal life force energy known as Reiki. 

Over the Three one-on-one sessions you will receive: 

  • A brief history of Reiki and its founder, Usui Mikao
  • The Reiki Precepts
  • Learn the basics of the chakra system
  • Meditations, foundation techniques and receive Reiki Empowerment & Attunements
  • How to conduct a hands on healing self-treatment.
  • How to set up a routine of daily self practice including self treatment, meditation and contemplation on the precepts
  • Attain Reiki level 1 Certificate upon completion

Okuden Training $300 for Three two-hour sessions

Over 21 days (3 two hour sessions, once per week). Okuden is a Japanese word meaning 'inner teachings'. As the word implies, a deeper understanding of the system of Reiki. This level teaches how to connect to Earth and Heavenly energies, the first steps to becoming fully integrated with the universe. This is achieved through the practice of symbols and mantras, techniques that will be taught. The focus of Usui’s teaching at this level is to utilize these energies for inner spiritual development you will also learn distance healing, the concept of becoming one with the recipient to allow healing to take place. This level will also support you in becoming a professional Reiki practitioner if that is your interest.

Over the Three one-on-one sessions you will receive: 

  • Practice deeper meditations and techniques to sink into your awareness and understanding of Reiki
  • How to draw and use three Reiki Symbols
  • Learn to give Reiki client treatments and distant healings through the concept of Oneness. 
  • Receive Okuden Reiki Empowerments & Attunements
  • Attain Reiki level 2 Certificate upon completion

*Must be Shoden certified to take this training. 

Shinpiden Training $350 for Three two-hour sessions

Over 21 days (3 two hour sessions, once per week). Shinpiden is the Japanese word for 'mystery teachings'. It is aimed at Level II practitioners or established Reiki Teachers who wish to continue their personal journey, a journey that is ongoing long after you complete the Shinpiden attunement. It is therefore not just about teaching and is even suitable for those who wish to simply develop their personal Reiki practice and occasionally teach those around them.

Self-empowerment is attained in Shinpiden through a strong energetic connection to the source of Reiki. It is also the result of the confidence you will feel as a result of your thorough knowledge of Reiki - how it works, what all the variations on Reiki actually are, where Reiki stands in the world today, the symbols and mantras and their connection to Japanese philosophies and what the origin of Reiki's spiritual nature is.

One of the major focuses of this course is to tap into the sense that you are, and always were, a great, bright light - this is achieved by working with the fourth symbol and mantra.

In a small group setting, or 1 on 1 you will receive: 

  • A review and meditation on the precepts
  • A review of Level 2 mantras and symbols and how they connect to the Level 3 mantra and symbol
  • Instruction and meditation on the 4th symbol and mantra, DKM
  • Instruction and practice expanding your space with DKM
  • Instruction and practice performing Attunements and Reiju
  • The concept of Attunements and Reiju empowerment's explained

*Must be Okuden certified to apply for this training. 

Post training support

  • Discounted Weekly Sessions
  • Unlimited and ongoing support post training with Daniel
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