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Patience. Pause. Practice.

Through ​patience, pause & practice we discover grace.

Become a Reiki Practitioner

Have you had an experience that has lead you to believe, think or feel that there is more to this life than what you have been shown? Do you crave a deeper connection to the essence that is you?


Come and experience the fullness of the subtle body. Through the unique combination of Reiki, Craniosacral and Crystal healing we will work together to create more space within your body and mind. This gentle approach to the body will leave you feeling lighter and less tense to your external and internal environments. Help you identify where your energy is going and begin to help you build and secure stronger boundaries.

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Service Received: Craniosacral with Daniel F. 

"The space is a healing environment and the massage was perfect. I felt so relaxed and comfortable that i kept falling asleep. I appreciated that Dan was experienced with caring for people who have experienced physical trauma and chronic pain. I think I’ve found a place i can really take my healing to the next level and live out of the pain body more. I also appreciated the compassion for my emotional pain and desire to release stored emotions and memories that may be contributing to my pain and discomfort."

by Nina on Jun 2019


"During my Massage Therapy schooling I was blessed to have Daniel Fisher as one of my teachers for a couple classes. As my teacher, he has shown great empathy and compassion when interacting with me and each student. I knew I could talk to him about any issue and he would help me think outside of my current limited view, to see a bigger picture. Daniel is a great listener and able to speak directly to the point but do so with kindness and understanding. I have reached out to discuss topics with him and he has shown great compassion and wisdom in his advise. He always strives to bring the best energy possible to a situation and tries to be aware of everyone's feelings.

I struggled with understanding Energy work and opening up to it a bit. He helped give me an open space to explore Energy work in class and answered questions I was concerned about. While I feel I have taken to it naturally in a way, I grew in my abilities thanks to Daniels help. I feel anyone that works with him will come away a better person in some way!"

Janel C


Service Received: Craniosacral with Daniel F.

"I felt very comfortable from the moment I arrived. The location is breathtaking, his space is warm and welcoming. Daniel is very intuitive, he explains things simply but completely. Very relaxing and healing experience."

by Lynsey on May 2019


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